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Adverse Fetal Diagnosis

You were there for a routine prenatal visit that turned into anything but routine.

The doctor’s words were shocking and completely unexpected. Perhaps your baby has been diagnosed with a serious medical condition; perhaps you were told your child has a fatal disease or a condition “incompatible with life.”

You may feel confused and overwhelmed, with a sense of urgency to make a decision quickly…

You have time. Take time to process the information and consider all of your options.

  • Request additional information about the diagnosis.
  • Seek a second medical opinion.
  • Learn about supportive services.

You may be advised to terminate your pregnancy. Research shows that ending pregnancy because of a fetal diagnosis can carry long-term psychological consequences and risk for complicated grieving. Many couples choose to carry their baby to term as a way to cherish whatever moments they have before and after the baby’s birth. Parents think of this as a gift of time—time to recognize, respect, and celebrate their baby’s life.

APS is here to help you during this difficult time. We can offer you practical resources and assistance. We are here to support you as you navigate this challenging road.

Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment. All services provided by APS are free and confidential.

All services are free and confidential.
Coping with stress:
  • Begin a journal.
  • Eat regularly and nutritiously.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Stay active, read a book, go for a walk.
  • Avoid using alcohol and drugs.
  • Listen to calming music.
  • Find spiritual comfort by praying, reading, and speaking with a friend or spiritual advisor.

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