What were clients saying last week?

Whether we're looking for a great restaurant or a good doctor, most of us ask people in our area for recommendations. We want to benefit from their experience. Here are a few of the comments clients shared that visited our center last week. "I like how comfortable the ladies made me feel." "I'm going to [...]

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Tackling Unwanted Pregnancy Advice

People often have strong opinions about everything baby-related. From diapers, sunscreen and breastfeeding to dressing for cold weather. No two moms do things exactly the same way. So how do you handle all the (often conflicting) advice? Now that you’re pregnant it can seem like complete strangers are telling you how to parent. In those [...]

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Loving Parents

Can I bring my children to class with me? Yes. We have a childcare room. Do you mind if my partner comes to the class, too? Not at all! Our classes are great for new dads wanting to prepare for what’s ahead. Please do let our staff know when you register, though, if you plan [...]

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Past Abortion

Have unresolved feelings about your abortion experience? You don’t have to struggle alone. An experienced abortion-recovery consultant can help you work through your feelings and find healing, individually or with a small group of other women. To register: Please send us an email at help@apsmke.com or call (414) 727-8177. Everything is 100% confidential.

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Sexual Assault

  Although there are many ways to look at sexual assault, it’s important to remember that the survivor is never to blame. If you have experienced sexual violence or need support, please call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673). If think you may be pregnant, you can make an appointment for a free pregnancy test, ultrasound [...]

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Marijuana Use & Pregnancy

While marijuana use is increasing in many states, according to the Centers for Disease Control it can be harmful to your baby's health. For example: Using marijuana during pregnancy may increase your baby’s risk of developmental problems.1–7 The chemicals in any form of marijuana may be bad for your baby – this includes edible marijuana [...]

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Appointment Questions

Do I need to schedule an appointment? Please do. We try to fit walk-ins into our schedule whenever possible, but by making an appointment you can make sure an opening will be available when you come. How soon can I get an appointment? You may be able to come in the same day you contact [...]

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Why You Should Have an Ultrasound

You may question if you need an ultrasound when you are unsure about your decision. APS is here for you if you think you’re pregnant and haven’t decided how you want to proceed. Out of our care for you (and your health) we offer free, limited ultrasounds. An ultrasound can provide more information than a [...]

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Fees and Eligibility

How much do you charge? APS Medical provides all services free of charge, regardless of your income level, because we think every woman should have access to quality care, accurate information, and community support. How can you offer your services without charging for them? APS is funded by donations from people throughout our service area, [...]

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